GYANPUNJ 25, DATE :- 14/08/2020

    Gyanpunj means heap of knowledge. Gnanpunj is to learn to know a little bit from the heap of knowledge. Quiz is a tool to test our knowledge. Quiz is necessary to evaluate yourself. Learn new things through such quizzes. Get to learn something new. Gets recent knowledge. Quiz is a very important tool for knowledge testing.

GYANPUNJ QUIZ 25 DATE :- 14 / 08 / 2020


        There is always
something new to learn in life. You just have to be more discriminating with
the help you render toward other people. To keep pace with the new age, we have
to keep learning new things and keep adding ourselves to the new age.
At one time
Nokia phones traded a lot in the market but they could not improve with the new
technology. So there is no demand in Nokia market today.

        In this way, if we do not walk in a new way according
to the situation, people will not respect us either. So keep updating with new
things. Keep learning and keep learning. For a teacher, Rabindranath Tagore has
said that if a teacher does not keep learning, he can never teach.

            Knowledge is the third eye. The ignorant are equal to the blind. Knowledge is found everywhere. All we have to do is look.


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