A scheme called National Means cum Merit Scholarship (NMMS) for students studying in Std. 8 from MHRD, NEW DILHI for the purpose of reducing the drop out rate in secondary and higher secondary schools.  Has been implemented.  Examination will be organized by State Examination Board, Gandhinagar on Sunday 28/02/2021 to select the beneficiary students for this scholarship.  


Applications for this exam should be fi hulled online on the website NMMS from 19/11/2020 to 19/12/2020.

After the examination, the students who come in merit in the district-wise quota will be given a monthly stipend of Rs.  1000 / – per annum for Rs.  Scholarships are available to students with fixed eligibility for four years as per 12ooo / -.  Scholarships will be paid by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), Government of India, New Delhi to eligible students as per the guidelines of IRD.  Scholarships will be disbursed directly by UIRD to the bank accounts of the beneficiary students through the National Scholarship Portal.  .  .  


Eligibility of the same student:

 Students who are studying in Government Primary Schools, Local Body Schools, District Panchayat Municipal Corporation / Nagarpalika Schools) and Granted Primary Schools in Std.  General Category and OBC  The student of the category should have obtained at least 5% marks or equivalent grade in Std-9.  Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) students should have obtained less than 50% marks or equivalent grade in Std-9 in Rocha.  The annual income of parents of all categories of students is Rs.  Only students who do not have more than Rs.  Students of private schools, private schools, self-finance schools, Kendriya Vidyalayas, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas and residential schools run by state government institutions which provide accommodation, meals and study facilities will not be able to fill up the application form.  .  .  .



Income limit: 

As decided for NMMS examination, the annual income of the guardian of the candidate should not be more than Rs.1,50,000 / -.  A certified copy of the guardian’s annual income sample must be attached with the student’s application form.  The specimen of the officer authorized by the Government should be attached) * 

Examination Fee: 

General Category and OBC  Examination fee for category students will be Rs.50 / -.  Ph.D.  And S.T.  Examination fee for category students will be Rs.50 / -.  Service charge will have to be paid separately.  Fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.  

Fee Acceptance Center: 

As a fee acceptance center, after filling the application form in the computerized post offices of Gujarat, the fee can be printed and the fee can be paid.  Two of the three parts printed currency will be returned by the post office.  The post office will have to check whether the fee has been paid from the confirmation number along with the receipt issued by the post office.  .Can also pay examination fee through ATM CARD / NET BANKING through online payment gateway.  Click on “Print Application / chill.m” and fill in the details to deposit the fee online. Then Online Payment “Guz ses seq.  21264 € 2Ct asculsi Net Banking of fecual Other ravinnent slowle “Choose the right option from the options and fill in the next details, after the fee is deposited the pump will be written on the screen that the father’s fee has been credited and ereceipt will be erased.  If there is a defect, it will be seen on the screen that your fee has not been paid. If the online fee payer has not generated e-receipt within 2 hours after deducting the fee from his bank account, he should immediately contact the State Examination Board by e-mail.  



Type of Test At the time of Promo Marks (1) MAT Intellectual Aptitude Test (2) s T Educational Aptitude Test CO co CO is 20 minutes 30 minutes CO.  ), qallszex (Classification). Rivelles Dell (Numerical Series). Pot (Pattern Perception), Hidden Figure etc. will be included. 20 questions of SAT Educational Aptitude Test in Std-9 and Std-8 Mathematics,  Science and social science subject will be included.  0 will be the syllabus of last academic year for Std-9.  0 will be the first semester syllabus of the current academic year for Std.  * 


Qualifying Marks: 

General and OBC.  Students of the category will have to get a total of 90% marks in both the sections and S.C.  And S.T.  Students of the category will have to get a total of 72% marks in both the sections.  Out of the students who get the qualifying marks, only the students who come in merit as per the quota determined by the district-category will be eligible for the scholarship.  Ph.D.  Category classification: Ph.D.  The category will be categorized into different subcategories as shown below.  a) Blindness and Low Vision (BLV) b) Deaf and hard of hearing (DH) c) Locomotor disability including cerebral palsy, leprosy cured, dwarfism, acid attack victims and muscular dystrophy (LD) d) Autism, intellectual disabilities, specific learning  disability and mental illness (AID) 3) Multiple disabilities from amongst persons under clauses (a) to (d) including deaf – blindness in the posts identified for each disabilities (MD).  

The medium of examination will be English as well as Gujarati.  The question paper of the medium whichever medium the student chooses will be given.  This test will be of multiple choice form and Multiple Choice Question – MCQ Based.  Each question will have one mark.  There will be no negative assessment in the assessment of these tests.  • Blind students will be given an extra 20 minutes. 



How to apply online: 

Online application will be accepted online by the State Examination Board in respect of this advertisement.  Application form can be filled on www.sebexam.org from 16/11/2030 (12.00 pm) to 19/12/2030 (till 9.4 pm).  The following steps have to be followed to apply.  The application will be considered valid only after paying the fee after confirming the application form. 

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 • The entire form should be filled in English.  First go to www.sebexam.org. 

 • “Apply online” Guz Click seg.  National “National means cum merit Scholarship Scheme” (STD – 8) “242 Apply Now 42 Click sag. Click Clicking on Apply Now will show the Application Format. All the information requested in the Application Format will have to be filled.  Will have to enter the school’s DISE number for school details. 

• Now clicking on save will save your data. Here Application Number will be generated. It will have to be saved. Candidates of SC, ST, as well as PH category on the website have to enter the certificate number in the form.  It is mandatory to upload the date and income proof as well as a copy of the certificate. 

Now click on Upload photo-signature at the top of the page. Type your Application Number here and type your Birth Date. Then click on Submit.  Upload In order to upload a photo and signature, first of all your photo and signature should be in JPG format (10 Kb) in the computer in such a way that it does not exceed the size. Click on Browse Button.  From the screen, select the file in which your photo is stored in PG format, and.

Click the Open Button.  Now click on the upload button next to the Browse Button, now your Photo will appear next to it.  Now you have to upload the signature in the same way.  


Now click on confirm Application.  Type your Application flumber here and type your Birth Date.  Then click on Submit.  If you want to modify the application here, click on Edit Application to correct it.  Any modification can be made in the application before confirming the application.  But no amendment can be made in the application after the application is confirmed.  કરવું Click confirm only if the application does not need to be modified.  Clicking on Confirm will accept the application online and only then will it be considered valid.  Now click on Print Application & Fee Challan.  Type your confirmation flumber here and type your Birth Date.  Then click on submit.  Print your application form and fee currency from here.  After that, any computerized Indian Post Office branch in Gujarat will be able to pay the examination fee in cash or through ATM CARD / NET BANKING through online payment gateway.  


Required grounds / certificates: 

The following grounds, certificates should be attached with the print of the application form filled online.  Fee payment currency (SEB copy only) Certified copy of income proof.  (Sample of the officer authorized by the government should be attached) Marksheet of Std-8 or equivalent proof or certified copy of the certificate regarding the sample caste.  (Certificate of Government Authorized Officer must be attached) (If applicable) Certified copy of Certificate of Disability (if applicable) 


Procedure to be taken by the school: 

It is the sole responsibility of the school to fill the application forms for the students online.  તમામ All the online application forms filled by the school should be signed by the principal and submitted to the office of the Taluka Primary Education Officer / Govt. Officer by 8/12/2050 along with the required grounds / certificates. 

 Procedure to be done by Taluka Primary Education Officer / Govt. Officer’s Office: Taluka Primary Education Officer Govt.  Must be submitted to the office of District Primary Education Officer by 15/2030.


NMMS EXAM ONLINE PREPARATION  The purpose of this section is to test the mental aptitude of the student.  There are no plans to ask specific questions.  Observing the question papers of the last seven years, a total of 24 pattern questions have been asked, here is an explanation of these 24 patterns with tips on how to solve those questions easily, complete the series in general, sort the alphabets, distinguish, mirror diagrams.  And questions like reflection in water are asked more and more.  

        Therefore, its rehearsal is specially planned.  Also included are questions that have asked only one or two questions in three years;  In small quantities, of course.  In 2013 alone, questions of 40 marks in language were asked, but as per the guidelines decided at the national level, this section is not included in this section since 2014 as only mental aptitude test questions are to be asked.  So we have also ignored those questions here.  I believe that these 24 pattern questions will be useful to you in this exam as well as in other competitive exams of the future … – Publisher

              Arrange the English alphabets in the correct order.  The 3 to 4 English alphabets given in such questions have to be arranged in the order of ABCD.  This seemingly simple question can sometimes be very deceptive.  It is easy to memorize the alphabets of ABCD in order to find answers to such questions.  It is easier to memorize the alphabets of ABCD in order to solve this type of question.  Now 3 English alphabets C, A and T are given in this question.  In the order of ABCD, A comes first followed by C and lastly T.  Adjusting this way, option © A C T becomes our correct answer.  Here are a total of 87 questions for you to practice.


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