Ensuring safe schools:
 Re-opening of schools after closure requires a lot of consideration but if done well by school administrators, teachers and staff it can promote the well-being and well-being of the students.  Is.  Some such challenges are mentioned here.  The first and foremost challenge is to take care of Awareness A COVID 19 among students and teachers.
  The second challenge is to prioritize health and health and hygiene among school children.  Next, maintain social distance and create a stress-free learning environment.  In this time of crisis, everyone needs to take responsibility for ensuring a safe environment in the school so that no one is infected with the virus.  In recent years, the focus of education has shifted from the acquisition of knowledge to the development of skills and competencies.
  For this purpose, NCERT has developed the findings of various competency-based studies in different subjects.  Educational processes have also been expanded to develop these skills in the classroom study outcomes during the COVID period.

  The study focusing on – The following things can be done to focus on teaching processes.  Formal teaching studies cannot take place during the first week, instead of In the first-week students are expected to have their new mental preparation so they can be excited about it.  Efforts should be made towards safety practice, exercise, mock drills, etc. to create awareness.
  Students, as well as parents, need to inculcate a sense of confidence.  Open questions about their activities when school closes, what precautions Poo Mayo and his family should take, etc.  And listen to them. Honestly explain the truth to the child. Show them how to protect themselves and their friends.
 The school may prepare a comprehensive plan or calendar for the academic year in advance, taking into account effective teaching hours and studying at home.  When creating a curriculum plan or academic calendar, students’ mental health needs to be given importance in an epidemic environment.  Alternative educational calendars developed by NCERT can be adapted to suit local conditions and current conditions.
Awareness about Covid 19 by discussing myths, social evils and fears in a friendly way in the classroom.  Allocate Kadiya school schedule time to focus on it every day.  Interesting activities such as drawing and speaking/writing of his own interest, reading a chapter and good words on concepts that are already well explained in Jaishala.
-Reference Diksha.

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