State Examination Board, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar “National Talent Search Test”
Important Notice for NTSE (Examination Dt. 14-02-2021) Important Notice to inform the candidates appearing in NTSE Examination-2030 taken on 20-02-2021 that Provisional Answer Key and OMR of this examination today on Dt.  Published on 09/2021.  
If you want to answer any question / provisional answer key of this exam question paper and submit your OMR, you have to open the link shown on the website of the office here www.sebexam.org, fill in all the details, scan the valid grounds and submit it online in PDF format.  
If more than one question is to be submitted, it should be submitted in a separate form per question.  Will have to.  Deadline for sending submission: 20-02-2021 to 26-02-2021 (till 23:59 pm).  The book submitted for the basis of the answer to the question to be submitted should be published by the government i.e. books/literature published by any private publications will not be accepted as the basis.  Representations without grounds will not be considered.
 Only submissions received within the stipulated time limit i.e. by 3/09/2021 will be considered.  .  Only candidates appearing in this examination will be able to make such a presentation which should be specially noted.

NTSE EXAM 2020 DATE:-14/02/2021


 NTSE EXAM for students studying in Std. 10 in the current academic year.  The National Talent Search Test (NTSE), which was postponed on 13/12/2020, is now conducted by the State Examination Board, Gandhinagar.  It will be held on Sunday 14/02/2021.  
Halltikit previously downloaded by you will not be valid.  The new Halltikit for this examination has to be downloaded from the website www.sebexam.org from 01/02/2021 by entering the confirmation number and date of birth of the student and the examination will be held at the place of examination mentioned in the new Holtikit which all concerned are requested to note. 
 For more information, visit the web site www.sebexam.org. 


In general, multi-sensory techniques are adopted to enhance the learning process – visual, auditory, empirical, and tactile (hearing, seeing, smelling, and touching).  Learning – Teaching materials such as textbooks, local environment, experiences given inside and outside the four walls of the classroom, play an important role in the learning process.
  In addition, we must ensure that every child can self-study, become independent thinkers, become contemplative and creative, become thinkers and problem solvers.  For this purpose the child needs to collect information, analyze, summarize, present information, exchange information with others.  These processes help the child develop the concept.
  The concept of information helps in learning, so the child needs to gain experiences outside the textbook and make maximum use of digital and physical resources, here ICT plays a crucial role in the learning-teaching process.  In a very short period of time, ICT has become the cornerstone of modern society.

  In the present times, the understanding of ICT and mastery over its basic skills has become the core of the learning process in addition to reading, writing, arithmetic.
Let’s take the example of a smartphone. A smartphone can be classified as an ICT device because it can create a digital image.  Which can be stored and retrieved whenever needed.  The digital image can be used as needed which can be shared and also get feedback based on it.
  Thus, any device/technology used to create, store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit and receive digital information can be classified as ICT.  
ICT has revolutionized all fields including teaching and learning.  The use of ICT has an impact on the way new-age teachers view content, deliver content using appropriate methods, integrate appropriate resources, and adopt strategies for expanding and expanding evaluation, given the advances in the digital world.  Teachers need to be equipped with the necessary professional skills to use ICT for the teaching and learning process.



Final Answer key ane Notification;- Click Here

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