Student’s WhatsApp – Based Mulkyankan

 Student’s WhatsApp – Based Mulkyankan 

has been started under the ‘Self-Assessment’ project under the Home Learning Program of Samagra Shiksha, Gujarat.

 The self-assessment

 * Standard-9 Mathematics and Science *

 * Standard-10 Mathematics and Science *

 The unit where the * live class * of the subject is run will be tested.  So please ensure from your level that all the students of Std. 9 and 10 of all the schools under your jurisdiction participate in this self-assessment.

 * To ensure that the student understands the UDISE code of his / her school, each student has to confirm that he / she understands the UDISE code of his / her school. *

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 Self-evaluation WhatsApp Number: 8595524523

 * Note: This number has to be saved as SWAMulyankan Gujarat. *

 * Or you can join by clicking on the given link *

 Whatsapp link Direct

 * Live Class Video Link please Share and Subscribe. *



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