Experiences in math education Providing many experiences with solid objects like toys, learning aces etc. is the key to teaching any new concept.  Experiences at this stage should have a strong connection with activities inside and outside the classroom.

  The work that children will be assigned should be inventive so that they can combine education with their daily life.  For example, children have two groups of objects around them to add numbers and let them describe the jacket after combining the two groups. 

 Can initially calculate after assembling groups of the same type of items.  Once children gain confidence in assembling such groups and finding the sum of the numbers, it provides them with opportunities to create problems.  If you know that 235 + 602 = 837 then what is 234 + 369?  How did I get the answer? 

 Change any single digit in 5384. Does the number increase or decrease?  Now let the children associate different groups of things with some common property like a group of boys and a girl while jointly students can be a group of 5 lakhs.  Initially, the sum of the numbers is obtained by describing all the items in the joint group.  Instead of children describing everything, there are ways to calculate further.


Language: Provide appropriate opportunities for all children to verbally describe their experiences, observations and perceptions.  During this type of discussion, children will also develop language skills such as forming questions, acquiring new vocabulary and terminology related to the topic.

  For example, when a group of five stars is combined with another group of three stars, the total number of stars in the final obtained group is eight.

The work of a primary school teacher is very important for the whole society.  The primary teacher has a big responsibility.  How and what a child learns in the later years of school.  Education at the primary level requires a certain type of skill, which includes both knowledge and skills.

  Such skills are acquired over a period of time. At this stage, children's thinking revolves mainly around solid objects, which are in their familiar environment.  Thus, all learning processes should focus on involving children in solid objects related activities.  Education at this level involves working with different ideas, abilities and skills as well as the following activities.

- Assessment Formal assessment is a way of finding out what students have learned.  More importantly, it is a way for teachers to understand the effectiveness of their own teaching methods.

  Teachers need to pay more attention to the following points in the context of assessment at the primary stage: Assessment should be done through friendly, interactive methods in both formal and informal assessments. 

 Teachers need to develop a more complete understanding of a child’s learning by using a variety of activities and tasks in creative interactions with children Teachers should record and interpret observations made during the assessment. 

 He needs to develop viro ideas on what to do next, which could be part of a future education plan.  Give the child a price.  And this process they for their teaching


PSE EXAM TEST 1  PDF                       ANSWER KEY TEST 1

PSE EXAM TEST 2  PDF                       ANSWER KEY TEST 2

PSE EXAM TEST 3  PDF                       ANSWER KEY TEST 3

PSE EXAM TEST 4  PDF                       ANSWER KEY TEST 4

PSE EXAM TEST 5  PDF                      ANSWER KEY TEST 5

PSE EXAM TEST 6  PDF                     ANSWER KEY TEST 6

PSE EXAM TEST 7  PDF                       ANSWER KEY TEST 7

PSE EXAM TEST 8  PDF                       ANSWER KEY TEST 8

PSE EXAM TEST 9  PDF                      ANSWER KEY TEST 9


          ANSWER KEY TEST 10

PSE EXAM TEST 11  PDF             

          ANSWER KEY TEST 11

          ANSWER KEY TEST 13

50 MARKS PSE EXAM TEST 1  PDF             

          ANSWER KEY TEST 1

50 MARKS PSE EXAM TEST 2  PDF             

          ANSWER KEY TEST 2

50 MARKS PSE EXAM TEST 3  PDF             

          ANSWER KEY TEST 3

50 MARKS PSE EXAM TEST 4  PDF             

          ANSWER KEY TEST 4

200 MARKS PSE EXAM TEST 2  PDF             

          ANSWER KEY TEST 2

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