SSA Gujarat online attendance system daily online attendance of students and teachers of all schools of Gujarat.



Mentioning the above subject, as per the instructions of the Government, all the primary schools, model schools, KGBV tribal ashram schools and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas under the District Panchayat Education Committee like every school in the district have to fill the attendance of teachers and students on the online portal.  

For some time now, some schools have not been able to meet the online attendance requirements of their school teachers and students.  Which has been taken seriously at the state level.  Which is a very serious matter, some schools require online attendance beyond the time limit.  So the picture of the district's performance on the CM dashboard looks weak. 

 It has been found that some school principals are waiting for a call from the district / taluka office to ensure timely attendance.  So from now on all schools should keep the attendance of teachers and students in the first hour within 30 minutes of the start of school. 

 The second shift school also has to fill in the attendance of teachers and children within 30 minutes of the start of school, otherwise the entire responsibility will be on the head teachers of the school.

Regarding online proof of attendance of teachers in self-reliant schools, in connection with the above subject, it should be mentioned that as per the instructions of the Secretary (Primary and Secondary Education), online attendance of teachers working in all self-reliant schools in your district has to be completed.  

To this end, the District MIS working in the entire Shiksha Abhiyan has been instructed to make necessary arrangements for the attendance of self-reliant school teachers through the MIS of your district in the same way as it is currently planned to provide daily attendance to government and grant-in-aid school teachers.

Worker Assisted Instruction (CAL-Computer Aided Assisted Instruction) The endeavor to educate in a study hall utilizing a PC is called CAI. Not acknowledged, however its significance isn't denied. An instructive construction in which educating is finished with the assistance of suburbanite. The investigation material is extraordinarily ready by consolidating every one of the components of educating and assessment. 




A program of instructing materials that is introduced by a worker or suburbanite framework. "From the above sentiments it very well may be derived that suburbanite helped guidance is a blend of both instructor and worker. Components ought to be available Evaluation is additionally engaged with the occasion. Subsequently, instruction by suburbanite can be momentarily portrayed as follows. 

Educating by worker is a sort of programming guidance that incorporates suburbanite programming that permits the teacher to instruct in the study hall. The suburbanite or worker framework is to be utilized for showing work and not on the grounds that suburbanites are accessible can be utilized in homeroom educating. 

Every one of the means of class instructing with the assistance of worker innovation are indicated in this sort of educating. (5) Computer Arranged Instruction Computer is a device that has no insight of its own, the PC works under human control. The number of exercises a human does in his day to day existence. Each human action has a reason. 

The individual is continually thinking about for the achievement of the objective. Exercises are overseen by individuals with their own personalities. The human cerebrum additionally has many forces like a suburbanite and that mind deals with the exchanges of the human body. Accordingly, outer administration is vital in current occasions. 

The number of mechanical activities in workplaces or plants are overseen by suburbanite, Gujarat likewise helps in worker the executives in multi-reason Sardar Sarovar conspire, PC additionally helps in development, in this manner, overseeing a lot the errands to be finished by human depends to worker. Indeed, even in schooling, the suburbanite can deal with a portion of the undertakings identified with training which can be called PC communicated instructing. 

As per Mrs. Veena Kumar, a framework wherein a suburbanite accepts the job of the executives or management, for example, work time designation, assessment and so forth is called PC oversaw guidance. The focal arrangement of discovering that addresses educating is called suburbanite oversaw learning.

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