AEI ni khali jagya bharva camp karva babat

AEI ni khali jagya bharva camp karva babat

Matter of reducing the experience required to appoint Assistant Teachers to the posts of Assistant Education Inspector. 

 Necessary provision has been made for appointment to the posts of Assistant Education Inspector in the offices of the District Education Officer from the letter dated 19/02/2001 against 2) read by the Education Department. After completing 9 years of service, after 9 years of experience, they should be posted as Assistant Education Inspector, and they cannot be appointed as Assistant Education Inspector for more than 5 years. 

 He will be able to be re-appointed as an assistant teacher after serving as an Ass. education inspector for 5 years. In the meantime, Ass. teachers who have not served as Assistant Education Inspectors will have to be posted as Assistant Education Inspectors for 5 years.

As per this provision, due to the unavailability of candidates with sufficient experience, many posts of Assistant Education Inspector have been left vacant. It is proposed to increase the minimum experience for appointing assistant teachers to the posts of education inspectors  05 years instead of 09 years. 


 This provision has to be implemented from the date of publication of this resolution. These orders have been issued on the file of the same number as per the approval received from the note of the Government dated 19/02/2021.


AEI ni khali jagya bharva camp karva babat

RPLI:-In the case of a temporary official who has no service book, service roll or appointment certificate, the proposal should be accompanied by the certificate granted by a competent officer of the Department on the terms and conditions of appointment. The immediate superior of the proposer should satisfy himself by a comparison with the records of his office that the details of the proposer’s service have been properly recorded and attested. 
He will obtain, on the certificate referred to above the signature or the impression of the left-thumb as the case may be of the proposer in his presence. An attested copy of the proposer’s school certificate, a municipal certificate of birth or when a proposer is unable to produce any such document a certificate regarding his age granted by two respectable persons (who should be able to speak from their personal knowledge as to the proposer’s age) should also be attached to the proposal.
For RPLI policies: When a person wishes to purchase a Whole Life Assurance, Convertible Whole Life Assurance, Endowment assurance including Anticipated Endowment Assurance, 10 Year RPLI and Children policy under RPLI, he will be required to answer, the question in the prescribed form of a proposal which can be obtained at the nearest post office and to sign the form or impress his/her left-hand thumb impression, if illiterate, in token of having accepted the terms and conditions thereof and having furnished correct and factual information in the proposal form. 
The proposal form shall be signed or impressed with thumb in the presence of marketing staff, who will in turn sign the certificate to the effect that the information furnished under relevant questions has been verified and found to be correct and the proposer affixed his/her signatures or thumb impression in his presence. 
The proposal form may also be signed or impressed with thumb in the presence of Counter Assistant, if presented at Post Office counter by the proponent, who will in turn sign the certificate to the effect that the proposer has affixed his/ her signatures or thumb impression in his presence. The proponent should give advance premium in cash or cheque along with the proposal form, for which a receipt will be given to the proponent by concerned Marketing Staff or Counter Assistant.

Reducing the Experience for  AEI post

Education Department letter date:- 09/03/2021 

Madadnish Shikshak Nirixakni khali jagyao pr bharti karva babat paripatr Date:-30/03/2021


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