ALL TEACHER useful Details

ALL TEACHER useful Details


ALL TEACHER useful Details

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Two and a half thousand years ago, the twenty-fourth Tirthankara of Jainism, Lord Mahavira, appeared on this land. Mahavir Swami continued on the path of non-violence for a lifetime and while teaching the path of non-violence to many corrupt people, he also made them lukewarm and made his life successful.


Mahavir Swami told the whole world the five principles of Jainism, which are also called Panchsheel principles.




Ahimsa – It is non-violence to seek the interest of a mere creature by mind, by word and by deed. One should keep thinking about the interest of mere creature by mind, word and deed. 


Truth – to choose the right from the right and the wrong and to choose the eternal from the eternal and the fleeting. To choose that ultimate truth in every circumstance of life. 


Aparigraha – to abandon all those things, persons or ideas which are detrimental to us. Do not store any thing or thing in life more than necessary.


Asteya – Asteya simply means not stealing. The person or the substance is not his own. Treat everyone as Lord and understand for that Lord. The use of resources provided by God in the inappropriate way is not feasible in autism.


Brahmacharya – Brahmacharya is the continuous variance in that ultimate brahm, mentally and mentally abandoning the desire to consume anything.
In other words, Mansa, Covenant and Karmana is the absence of any ill-will towards anyone or disorder is celibacy.
come! We all take the above formulas into life, and by taking a new breath within ourselves, we resolve to make our lives divine.





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