School Leaving Certificate

School Leaving Certificate

School Leaving Certificate
shala chhodya pramanpatr aapta dhyanma rakhavavni babato. School leaving certificate aapva babat agatyni suchanao ane dhyanma rakhvani babato.

To be given within 7 (seven) days of receipt of application. (Provision of penalty in primary school If the first irregularity is Rs. 10,000 / – and every other irregularity is Rs. 5,000 / – five times, the process of revocation of accreditation) To extract accordingly. Not typed but handwritten with ink. (Grant in Aid Code 1964, 29.32.2)

 In which language should the school leaving certificate be issued?

 Providing LC in Gujarati medium of primary school in Gujarati. Providing LC English in primary school English medium. To provide LC in Gujarati medium in secondary and higher secondary school in both Gujarati and English language. Issuing LC in English medium in secondary and higher secondary school

 Things to keep in mind while writing the school leaving certificate:

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 The full authority to issue duplicate LC belongs to the principal, duplicate Lc can only be given to the student or his / her guardian. Whether or not to issue a duplicate LC is at the discretion of the principal. Duplicate LC can be issued by the principal after obtaining proper grounds for issuing duplicate LC. (Affidavit and other grounds on the application Rs. 100 stamp) Duplicate Lc is not the rule but only for Duplicate Lc. The third time LC is given, it is also called Duplicate LC.

 Giving the student LC for free for the first time. Rs 5 (five) can be taken for each subsequent time. Write the details of the summary of the LC or the date of the LC on the cardboard of the LC book. (To prevent misuse of LC.) When admitting students, LC should come in handy or check immediately that there is no empty column. Details are not correct, signed, etc. and if an error is found, return immediately for correction. Not admitting a student to a school without an LC. Not to admit in the hope of meeting that Lc.


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Once admitted to the school (Do not return the old school LC to the student under any circumstances after it is registered in the General Register. Give the LC of your school if the student wants to return. Counter signature of the competent authority is required behind the LC of other board. To make a note in the General Register, not to make a single note not in the LC in the General Register.

 To verify the LC after admission. To amend the note in the LC or in the General Register. Once a student has passed the public examination, it cannot be done by the competent authority, but only after the approval of the competent authority on the order of the First Class Magistrate. Since students who have passed Std-9 or 10 have to study in the upper standard of the school, LC is not given to the student, which is not a good thing.



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School Leaving Certificate

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