STD 9,11 Mass Pramotion , Result And L.C.

STD 9,11 Mass Pramotion , Result And L.C. , 2020-21

Regarding the above subject, it is to be mentioned that a circular has been issued to give mass promotion to the students studying in Std-09 and Std-11 of the state with reference to the recent increase in the transmission of Corona virus (COVID.19) in the state.

 On the basis of the above circular, for the academic year – 2020 21, for the students of Std. 9 and Std. 11 (all streams) studying in all the secondary and higher secondary schools registered with the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Gandhinagar, by taking our promotion from the promotion to the upper standard. It has been decided to go.

 A circular was issued regarding the conduct of the first examination and annual examination of the school key from the reference letter-1 of the office here. Instructions have been issued corresponding to the situation of coVID-19 regarding conducting school examinations from 8th and 9th. Based on the instructions regarding conducting school examinations, the first examination of Std-9 to Std-12 has been conducted by the schools for some areas considering the situation of coVID-19.

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 The first examination is planned by the schools as per the above instructions which is a direct examination or online examination taking into consideration the area.

 Accordingly, while preparing the results, the following matters should be taken into consideration – Schools have conducted the first examination (50 marks) in the academic year – 2020-2021 directly or online while the second examination (50 marks) and the annual examination (50 marks) have not been held. Instructions have been given for periodic test (unit test) (10 marks), notebook submission (05 marks) and subject enrichment activity (05 marks) for internal evaluation of Std-9 and Std-11 science stream. . 


Accordinglyy, internal evaluation by schools will have to be multiplied. Term Paper Total-1 / Exercise Total-1 (10 marks) for Internal Evaluation of Std-11 General Stream, Business Oriented and Post Basic Stream, Observation of a useful book for study from the library (05 marks) and Projects (05 marks) Total Internal Evaluation (20 marks) Marks) instructions are given. The internal evaluation has to be multiplied accordingly. Due to coVID-19, the educational process is mostly done through online education instead of real education throughout the year. 

Unit tests are conducted by schools as well as by the government for internal assessment during the year. The second test has not been conducted. The instructions issued by the Board from Reference Letter-2 provided for grading on the basis of first examination, annual examination and internal evaluation for internal assessment. But when the results of the second examination and the annual examinations are not held, instead of putting the marks in the field of the marks of the second examination and the marks of the annual examination, to show that the examination was not held due to “(COVID – 19).”


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STD 9,11 Mass Pramotion , Result And L.C. aapva babat Paripatr Date:- 23/04/2021

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