Language teaching training for BRC-CRC

Language teaching training for BRC-CRC

According to the above, under the National Education Policy-2020, emphasis has been laid on basic literacy and numeracy.  The Foundation National Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) mission is also mentioned to enable all children up to standard 3 to achieve basic literacy and numeracy by the year 2025.  
Under the National Education Policy-2020, GCERT, holistic education and LLF  An online language learning and educational collaboration online course has been organized for all BRC and CRC coordinators in the state as part of the Early Language Education Capacity Development Program. 
 According to the reference letter, all the diet lecturers will have completed this online language teaching and educational collaboration online course.  According to the list and planning involved, the lecturers will have to participate in the online course as a mentor.  
Regarding this training program, G.C.  E.R.  T.  And at the district level, the work of mentor will be done by the lecturers as per the included list of district education and training building.  Attached is a guide to the operation of the mentor.
How to do online activities: (90 minutes) એક One PPT on the theme of each week will be placed in the mentor group from the state level.  You can share in any topic group for presentation, if any participant is ready for the presentation on it, the mentor has to inform in advance.  
Similarly, if any participant has any question or doubt, it would be appropriate to order it one day in advance.  Each call will be for 1.30 hours.  In the first 45-50 minutes, the mentor has to make a presentation through PPT on the theme or module.  
The participants will then be given a presentation according to the topic given to them and then any participants who have questions will be given an opportunity to ask those questions.  Some questions can also be taken during the call which can be answered at the same time by the mentor or asked to answer later.  Have a diary and pen so that you can take note of suggestions from participants, problems that can be shared with the rest of the team.  
Keep a good diary of problems, suggestions, etc. that have arisen from the conversation and also write down your thoughts about it in it.  If you like a participant’s suggestion or strategy, they can be contacted again to discuss it.

Note: Plz always check and confirm the all above details with the official website and Advertisement/ notification.


Language teaching training for BRC-CRC

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