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G Shala Mobile App Download

The field of technology is booming, with commuters and IT.  The field of education is at the forefront, which also gives full benefits to the field of education.  Various means of education are being explored through educational technology.  For example, we can take advantage of this technology in the field of teaching, learning, evaluation, etc., for which ‘e.  Learning’s new horizons are expanding.  Which gradually promotes self-study.  
The new field of e-learning is likely to benefit students more and more numerically and qualitatively.  In which teaching, learning and students move beyond the boundaries between the four walls of the classroom.  The system of online education is now on the rise.  
Here e-learning is the use of methodologies in the teaching and learning of information and communication technology connected to the EarthNetwork.  Which is associated with the development and use of ICT infrastructure.  This type of study expands the study process and covers a more diverse population.  The environment of e-learning makes a variety of multimedia content available in the home and provides adaptations for its use.  
It is necessary to have a commuter for e-learning.  If we have the right kind of commuter, e-learning is possible for a sufficient time anywhere and at any time.  E-learning CD-ROM, a network broadband that can also be Internet-based, with information available in the form of written country-audio, animation and virtual environment.  
Through which the study experiences obtained often prove to be superior to the experiences found in a full-fledged classroom.  In this the student learns according to his own speed and the study of elephant Handson Learning.  There are also many limitations in e-learning, which we experience in classroom learning.  Such as, boring slides, monotonous speech, less opportunities for interaction etc.
G Shala App Download

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.  In e-learning, ‘e’ means electronics – a study based on electronic equipment, systems, interconnections, technology and principles.  Here e-learning is not just limited to study, it is also associated with teaching.

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On the off chance that my arrangement isn’t restored on schedule before expiry date, will I be denied for reestablishment? – premium inside 15 days (called as Grace Period) of expiry date. In any case, inclusion would not be accessible for the period for which no charge is gotten by the insurance agency. The approach will pass if the premium isn’t paid inside the elegance period.

G SHALA લિંક


આ લિંક મોબાઇલમાં ગૂગલ ક્રોમ માં ઓપન કરી 

 બાળક ના મોબાઇલ શાળાએ લાવ્યા વગર રજીસ્ટ્રેશન થશે.

માત્ર માંગેલ વિગત ભરી કેપ્ચા એન્ટર કરી કરશો .

કોઈ OTP ની જરૂર નહીં રહે.

વર્ગ શિક્ષક પોતાના વર્ગ ના તમામ બાળકો નું રજીસ્ટ્રેશન કરી શકશે.

શિક્ષક પાસે તમામ બાળકોના આધાર ડાયઝ નમ્બર અને મોબાઈલ નંબર માહિતી રાખી 100 % કાર્ય પૂર્ણ થશે


માહિતી ભર્યા પછી સાઈન અપ પર ક્લિક ના કરતા નીચે કીબોર્ડ માં જમણી બાજુ નીચે ➡️ પર ક્લિક કરવું.

જેથી અભિનંદનનો મેસેજ અવી જશે.


Would i be able to move my arrangement starting with one insurance agency then onto the next without losing the recharging benefits? – Yes. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority ( IRDA ) has given a round making it compelling from first July,2011, which guides the insurance agencies to permit compactness starting with one insurance agency then onto the next and starting with one arrangement then onto the next, without making the protected to lose the recharging credits for prior conditions, appreciated in the past approach. Notwithstanding, this credit will be restricted to the Sum Insured (counting Bonus) under past strategy. For subtleties, you may check with the insurance agency.


G Shala App Download


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What befalls the approach inclusion after a case is recorded? – After a case is recorded and settled, the approach inclusion is diminished by the sum that has been paid out on settlement. For Example: In January you start a strategy with an inclusion of Rs 5 Lakh for the year. In April, you make a case of Rs 2 lakh. The strategy will be inexhaustible given you pay The inclusion accessible to you for the May to December will be the equilibrium of Rs.3 lakh. 

STD 3 to 10 Svamulyankana Whatsapp Based Weekly Test

What is ‘Any one ailment’s ? – ‘Any one sickness’ would mean the constant time of disease, including backslide inside a specific number of days as indicated in the strategy. Generally this is 45 days Q: What is the greatest number of cases permitted longer than a year? Quite a few cases is permitted during the arrangement time frame except if there is a particular cap endorsed in any approach. Anyway the aggregate guaranteed is as far as possible under the arrangement. 


G Shala App Download


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What is “wellbeing check” office? Some health care coverage approaches pay for determined costs towards general wellbeing check up once in a couple of years. Regularly this is accessible once in four years. 

What do you mean by Family Floater Policy? Family Floater is one single arrangement that deals with the hospitalization costs of your whole family. The arrangement has one single whole protected, which can be used by any/all safeguarded people in any extent or sum subject to limit of in general constraint of the strategy total guaranteed. Frequently Family floater plans are superior to purchasing separate individual strategies. Family Floater plans deals with every one of the clinical costs during unexpected disease, medical procedures and mishaps.


G Shala App Download




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