G Shala App Download

G Shala App Download

G Shala App Download. Gujarat Students holistic Adaptive Learning App 

Learning Management System of Gujarat

G Shala App Download


G Shala Mobile App Download

The field of technology is booming, with commuters and IT.  The field of education is at the forefront, which also gives full benefits to the field of education.  Various means of education are being explored through educational technology.  For example, we can take advantage of this technology in the field of teaching, learning, evaluation, etc., for which ‘e.  Learning’s new horizons are expanding.  Which gradually promotes self-study.  

The new field of e-learning is likely to benefit students more and more numerically and qualitatively.  In which teaching, learning and students move beyond the boundaries between the four walls of the classroom.  The system of online education is now on the rise.  

Here e-learning is the use of methodologies in the teaching and learning of information and communication technology connected to the EarthNetwork.  Which is associated with the development and use of ICT infrastructure.  This type of study expands the study process and covers a more diverse population.  The environment of e-learning makes a variety of multimedia content available in the home and provides adaptations for its use.  

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It is necessary to have a commuter for e-learning.  If we have the right kind of commuter, e-learning is possible for a sufficient time anywhere and at any time.  E-learning CD-ROM, a network broadband that can also be Internet-based, with information available in the form of written country-audio, animation and virtual environment.  

Through which the study experiences obtained often prove to be superior to the experiences found in a full-fledged classroom.  In this the student learns according to his own speed and the study of elephant Handson Learning.  There are also many limitations in e-learning, which we experience in classroom learning.  Such as, boring slides, monotonous speech, less opportunities for interaction etc.


You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.  In e-learning, ‘e’ means electronics – a study based on electronic equipment, systems, interconnections, technology and principles.  Here e-learning is not just limited to study, it is also associated with teaching.

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Students Login

G Shala App Download

આ લિંક મોબાઇલમાં ગૂગલ ક્રોમ માં ઓપન કરી

બાળક ના મોબાઇલ શાળાએ લાવ્યા વગર રજીસ્ટ્રેશન થશે.

માત્ર માંગેલ વિગત ભરી કેપ્ચા એન્ટર કરી કરશો .

કોઈ OTP ની જરૂર નહીં રહે.

વર્ગ શિક્ષક પોતાના વર્ગ ના તમામ બાળકો નું રજીસ્ટ્રેશન કરી શકશે.

શિક્ષક પાસે તમામ બાળકોના આધાર ડાયઝ નમ્બર અને મોબાઈલ નંબર માહિતી રાખી 100 % કાર્ય પૂર્ણ થશે

માહિતી ભર્યા પછી સાઈન અપ પર ક્લિક ના કરતા નીચે કીબોર્ડ માં જમણી બાજુ નીચે ➡️ પર ક્લિક કરવું.

જેથી અભિનંદનનો મેસેજ અવી જશે.


STD 3 to 10 Svamulyankan 2.0 Whatsapp Based Weekly Test

Teacher Login

How teachers can log in to G – Shala app

First – download the G – SHALA app from the Play Store

Then open the application and click on the button (Sign A ૫) at the bottom

Now choose your role (teacher)

Then select your Teacher Code (Dod as per 8 digit SSA Teacher Portal / Attendance Portal) below

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Now enter your mobile number (the number that will be entered is OTP)

Now you have to set the password in the two boxes below (set the same password in both the boxes)

Then click on the sign up at the bottom so you have to enter. A 4 digit OTP will be sent to the entered mobile number which means that you have completed the registration.

Now you will see a congratulatory ad display menu which means you

Now again you have to enter your mobile number and your password and your application will start

Private school Login

Private School Instalation Video

G-Shala Mobile App Download

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