Gyansetu STD 8 Revision Test

Gyansetu STD 8 Revision Test

ટેસ્ટ આપવા માટેની લીંક નીચે આપેલ છે ટેસ્ટ આપ્યા બાદ આપનો સ્કોર અને સાચા જવાબ જોવાનું ભુલશો નહિ.

Gyansetu Revision Test for STD 8 students. Maths.

Gyansetu STD 8 Revision Test

Student friends, for the last one year now we have been battling the Corona epidemic.  In this awkward situation most of the students could not be kept in school but we did not stop teaching.  We have divided the entire curriculum from Std. 1 to 12 into episodes with the wish that our teaching work will be done in a continuous manner.  

Honest efforts were made to reach education door-to-door through Girnar Channel as well as Byseg.  At the same time, meaningful efforts were made by the teacher friends to teach through smart phones from time to time, by contacting the parents at home and distributing textbooks, unit tests, diagnostic tests, street education as well as direct educational guidance to the students by the teachers.  

Online classes were also conducted under Gujarat Virtual School (GUS).  You are all aware that all these materials under HomeLearning are available on the entire Shiksha, Gandhinagar website, Diksha platform and Gujarat E-Class Sampurna Shiksha YouTube channel.  

This ‘Gyansetu’ gives its standard education in literature through home learning and other means during the last year.  Received.  Then with the intention of forcing it.  This literature has been prepared.  In which he has to write things like given crime, example and solution, where necessary he has to write in his notebook.  

As the new academic year begins, this ‘Gyansetu Sahitya’ and the notebooks written by the students based on it will be checked by your teachers and the necessary therapeutic tasks will also be done.  There is such faith.-SPD, SSA Gujarat.



Gyansetu STD 8 Revision Test

Ask the children to tell or write to someone else what has happened in the story they have read.  In it he should tell or write about the important characters of the story, important events etc. If he has read any informative thing, review what information is given in it.  

Teach readers the ability to identify the most important ideas presented in any lesson and present them in their own words.  While compiling the summary, children are taught the skill of sorting out the main points by leaving out unnecessary information.  After reading, the children can be given a story map, sequence chart, vane diagram, semantic picture, semantic map or something like that so that the children can see what was in what they have read.  

Children can be asked to remember what they guessed before and during the reading.  They may then be asked to check their guess by reading it a second time.  The second time he read, he checked to see if he had the answers to the questions he had asked or if his guess was correct.  Children can also be asked if they still have questions on the subject.  

It can be said to be read over and over again to better understand a material.  Only a certain portion of the reading material can be re-read as needed.  Ask them to talk to someone around them about what the children have read.  Encourage them to ask each other questions or to look for evidence in the book.

Waik can write about what he read.  Through this process they can give their own reaction, i.e. they can tell what thoughts came to them while reading, what feelings they had, when they felt like a part of their life or what part they did not like or did not understand.  The reader can present his favorite opinion while answering.  

Allow children to associate reading material with their own thoughts, ideas and experiences in any way.  When it comes to information-based reading material, children can also answer how it differs from what they have learned so far or what they have known so far.  Encourage the reader to associate the material with their personal experience, thoughts and feelings, whether information-based or literary.  

So that they can cultivate a relationship with the material, embody it in their own thoughts.  Post-reading reactions can be expressed in writing, speaking as well as drawing.-Referance LLF training module.

Note: Plz always check and confirm the all above details with the official website and Advertisement/ notification.



Gyansetu STD 8 Revision Test

પ્રકરણ 1,2 ટેસ્ટ આપવા અહિ ક્લિક કરવું.

પ્રકરણ 3, 4 ટેસ્ટ આપવા અહિ ક્લિક કરવું.

પ્રકરણ 5,6 ટેસ્ટ આપવા અહિ ક્લિક કરવું.

પ્રકરણ 7,8 ટેસ્ટ આપવા અહિ ક્લિક કરવું.

પ્રકરણ 9,10 ટેસ્ટ આપવા અહિ ક્લિક કરવું.

પ્રકરણ 11 ટેસ્ટ આપવા અહિ ક્લિક કરવું.

નોંધ:- તમામ પ્રકરણની ટેસ્ટ અહિ ટુંક સમયમાં મુકવામાં આવશે. 


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