GYANPUNJ ONLINE QUIZ- Shikshak Sajjata Quiz 7 to 9

GYANPUNJ ONLINE  QUIZ- Shikshak Sajjata Quiz 7 to 9

 Gyanpunj Quiz is one of the keys to increasing knowledge.  Online education Gnanpunj Quiz tests knowledge through tests so that those who do not know to acquire new knowledge. As a teacher, it is important to keep learning. Rabindranath Tagore has said, “ If a teacher does not learn, he can never teach. ”  Therefore, not only the teacher but everyone should always be learning something newonline education.

GYANPUNJ ONLINE  QUIZ- Shikshak Sajjata Quiz 7 to 9

In e-learning, teaching is done in a special way.  Classroom learning has some peculiarities, the professor does teaching work in the classroom which is known as classroom teaching.  Classroom learning is an accomplished thing.  Learning – Teaching is a process in which learning in the presence of a professor is the product of teaching work.  
Teaching in the classroom leads the student to study and self-study becomes necessary to perpetuate the things received or adopted in the process.  Thus, if we consider the two important aspects of systemic education, the study taking place in the educational environment and the self-effort of the students away from it, the study takes place voluntarily.  

GYANPUNJ QUIZ 244,   DATE:-08/08/2021




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E-learning also has a similar purpose.  In which all the features of the study taking place in the presence of the professor and in the absence of the professor can be seen.  E-learning makes sense in the sense that it is an advanced form of classroom teaching process shaped with the help of technology.  
The use of technology in education is not innovative.  The changes or innovations that have taken place at every stage of human life over the centuries have directly or indirectly reshaped the educational process.

 GYANPUNJ ONLINE  QUIZ- Shikshak Sajjata Quiz 7 to 9 

 Teaching is done in the classroom.  Most of the teaching work is teacher-centered.  Teaching is done by the teacher.  The teacher is at the center of the class.  The teacher presents the information of the subject matter, he does the teaching work using the necessary materials.

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  Synchronous learning is the learning process that takes place with the teacher’s presence.  The process of continuous exchange of information between the teacher and the student can be termed as teaching by the teacher which is called ‘Instructior or led Instruction’ in English.  

Classroom learning – The process of teaching can be called “Instruction led instruction” in many forms but it does not involve the integration of technology, hence it is called Traditional Technique.  No, because it involves the use of technology, but the teacher can make the classroom teaching work interesting and effective by using the commuter or information technology before teaching, rather than saying that there is no use of internet technology.

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        Leave your sorrows to me. And if you have faith, it will not come to you. If you lose faith after handing me over, you will come back. So if you have any grief, tell me, ‘Grandpa, I have so much grief, I will give it to you.’ If I take it, there will be a settlement, otherwise why should there be a settlement?
        I have come to take the sufferings of this world. Let your happiness be with you. Do you mind What should I do with money if you give money like here? I have come to suffer. Let your money stay with you, it will work for you and where there is knowledge, there will be no transaction of money. The wise man, on the contrary, has come to take away all your sorrows, not to cause sorrow.

GYANPUNJ ONLINE  QUIZ- Shikshak Sajjata Quiz 7 to 9


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