Medicinal herbs useful for staying healthy

Medicinal herbs useful for staying healthy

Medicinal herbs useful for staying healthy. Medicinal herbs useful for staying healthy. Book issued by Gujarat State Medicinal Plants Department Medicinal herbs – creation and use. Different Medicinal herbs uses for staying healthy.

Medicinal herbs useful for staying healthy

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Small rainfed plants grow everywhere. The fruit grows directly on the branches. In many types of soil, with many branches, if water is available, it can live for 2-3 years. Holding the root in the hand or tying it around the waist reduces labor pains. Teething the roots strengthens the gums. Drinking seeds in milk as Khi 5 does not cause hunger for weeks. This pudding is used as a medicine for many diseases of the brain. Used in cough and obesity as well as in the country of venomous insects (scorpions).

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Arjun (Saadad)

This is a sticky deciduous, deciduous or evergreen forest tree. It has white flowers on it. Its bark is widely used in heart disease. Its Art Arjunarisht is frequently given to heart patients in abundance. Arjuna is also used in heart disease. Baking in cow’s ghee is prepared by other vasanas with its inner skin. Oxalic acid is prepared from the bark of Arjuna.


Ardusi plants are found planted in the yard of the house. Its leaves are as long as a gooseberry. It has white flowers on it. It is also called Sia because it is like Sina’s mouth. Its leaves are a well-known remedy for hay fever. It is an excellent remedy for cough and tuberculosis. There is no need to panic, as long as there is adussi in the world. It is used in medicine by making many yogas. It is a very bitter bed. But after taking the medicine in the stomach, the nectar works.

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Aretha trees are rarely seen. Arithmetic is very poisonous. It is used to remove the toxic effects of snake venom, somal, vachchnag, opium, mothuthu etc. Drinking Aretha water curry causes vomiting and all the toxins are removed. Its foam is applied to the eye to remove the toxic effect. But after a while it is necessary to apply ghee to get rid of the inflammation. When the fever comes, its foam is removed. Its water cleans the warm and silky cloth. Its water is also used a lot in washing the head. Sony people use Arishra water to clean jewelry. It is best to wash the body and head with water of Arith, Amla, Shikakai and Kapurachhali powder.

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The greenish-yellow microscopic flowering plant is found in the open field. The red fruits are covered inside the outer depot. It is currently cultivated and several subspecies have been developed. Leaf pulp ranks in skin diseases as well as ashwagandha in tuberculosis, weakness and tumors. It is urinary. The root is applied to blisters, wounds, swelling by crushing or crushing. The root is useful in diabetes and low blood pressure. Agya is powerful. Agandha makes it more legal to take it with milk and sugar. Sourse file

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