Free NMMS Exam Video by GIET

Free NMMS Exam Video by GIET

SANDHAN Connection – New Video and Quiz Series for NMMS Exam Free Preparation by GIET
Every year more than 1.5 lakh students of Gujarat take NMMS exam. Our teachers work hard every year to prepare these students. And due to the best efforts of all of you, the state of Gujarat fulfills its allotted quota 100%.

Free NMMS Exam Video by GIET

For the preparation of NMMS exam this year, a completely new digital material has been prepared by GIET with the help of expert teacher friends from Gujarat. We have also created a group to disseminate the series and make each video accessible to children and useful to children. If your students join the group they will get the link of all these programs.


GIET is coming up with a very useful category for students preparing for NMMS / GPSC / NTSE and other competitive exams. This series is the best combination of excellent guidance from expert teacher friends of that subject in Gujarat and new way of presentation by Team GIET.

26/02/2022 થી 18/03/0222 NMMS પરીક્ષા વિડિયો BISAG કાર્યક્રમ માર્ચ 2022 પરીપત્ર  અને સમય પત્રક

The entire Shiksha Abhiyan team is also involved in this effort. This series based quiz is also starting in the weekly self-assessment test held every Saturday. I wish the children to join in this and get bright results by practicing as much as possible. Team GIET. #GIET For the purpose of increasing publicity.


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Today Video


તારીખ:- 15/04/2022 SAT વિભાગ ગણિત-વિજ્ઞાન 55 Questions Quiz વિડિયો :- CLICK HERE

NMMS exam All Quiz by GIET

તમામ ક્વિઝ રમવા અહિ ક્લિક કરવું

Doordarshan implies seeing far off things, through Doordarshan one can get both homegrown and perceptible encounters. TV programs for schooling are likewise introduced. TV is the most impressive and compelling mass mode of right now. In our country, Doordarshan communicates instructive projects from Delhi and from various focuses at territorial level. Understudies of higher optional and auxiliary schools track down such projects helpful as far as content.

NMMS Exam Video by GIET BISAG Time table

The rundown of transmissions of these projects is reported ahead of time. Through such projects the comprehension of the topic can be explained as well as preparing of different abilities can be given. TV consequently turns into a strong method for sending thoughts. Unique projects connected with instruction can be displayed on TV. TV programs connected with instruction are generally utilized abroad and particularly in western nations. India is additionally gaining ground toward this path.

NMMS Old Video

તારીખ:- 14/04/2022 પેપર સોલ્યુશન 3:- CLICK HERE

તારીખ:- 13/04/2022 પેપર સોલ્યુશન 2:- CLICK HERE

તારીખ:- 12/04/2022 પેપર સોલ્યુશન :- CLICK HERE

તારીખ:- 11/04/2022 પરીક્ષા માર્ગદર્શન :- CLICK HERE

Live Quiz Video:- CLICK HERE

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સંભાવના ભાગ – 2 Video:- CLICK HERE

સંભાવના ભાગ -1 Video:- CLICK HERE

વય આધારિત કોયડા ભાગ- 2 Video:- CLICK HERE

વય આધારિત કોયડા ભાગ-1 Video:- CLICK HERE

વિશિષ્ટ પ્રશ્નો & Quiz Video:- CLICK HERE

સમસંબંધ ભાગ- 5  Video:- CLICK HERE

સમસંબંધ ભાગ- 4  Video:- CLICK HERE

સમસંબંધ ભાગ-3  Video:- CLICK HERE

વિશિષ્ટ પ્રશ્નો & Quiz Video:- CLICK HERE

અલગ આકૃતિ ભાગ- 2 Video:- CLICK HERE

અલગ આકૃતિ ભાગ-1 Video:- CLICK HERE

દર્પણ પ્રતિબિંબ ભાગ- 4 Video:- CLICK HERE

દર્પણ પ્રતિબિંબ ભાગ-3 Video:- CLICK HERE

દર્પણ પ્રતિબિંબ ભાગ-2 Video:- CLICK HERE


સાદુરુપ (ગાણિતિક ક્રિયાઓ) ભાગ-2 Video:- CLICK HERE

સાદુરુપ (ગાણિતિક ક્રિયાઓ) ભાગ-1:- CLICK HERE

લોહીના સંબંધો ભાગ 3 Video:- CLICK HERE

લોહીના સંબંધો ભાગ 2 Video:- CLICK HERE

લોહીના સંબંધો ભાગ 1 Video:- CLICK HERE

દિશા અને અંતર 3 Video:- CLICK HERE

દિશા અને અંતર 2 Video:- CLICK HERE

દિશા અને અંતર 1 Video:- CLICK HERE

પેટર્ન(તરાહ) ભાગ-3 Video:- CLICK HERE

પેટર્ન(તરાહ) ભાગ-2 Video:- CLICK HERE

પેટર્ન(તરાહ) ભાગ-1 Video:- CLICK HERE

 સમસંબંધ ભાગ 2  :- CLICK HERE

 કોડિંગ-ડીકોડિંગ ભાગ-1 :- CLICK HERE

તાર્કીક ક્રમ Video:- CLICK HERE

ક્રમ નિર્ધારણ Video:- CLICK HERE

કૅલેન્ડર ભાગ 4 વિડિયો:- CLICK HERE

કૅલેન્ડર ભાગ 3 વિડિયો:- CLICK HERE

કૅલેન્ડર ભાગ 2 વિડિયો:- CLICK HERE

કૅલેન્ડર ભાગ 1 વિડિયો:- CLICK HERE

04/02/2022 દર્પણ પ્રતિબિંબ 1 વિડિયો:- CLICK HERE

03/02/2022 અંગ્રેજી મૂળાક્ષર ક્રમ (સાંકેતિકરણ)ભાગ 2 વિડિયો:- CLICK HERE


02/02/2022 અંગ્રેજી મુળાક્ષર ક્રમ ભાગ 1 વિડિયો :- CLICK HERE

01/02/2022 આકૃત્તિ વિષ્લેષણ 3 ત્રિકોણ વિડિયો :- CLICK HERE

31/01/2022 આકૃત્તિ વિષ્લેષણ 2 લંબચોરસ વિડિયો :- CLICK HERE

29/01/2022 આકૃત્તિ વિષ્લેષણ 1 ચોરસ વિડિયો :- CLICK HERE

28/01/2022 અંક શ્રેણી 2 વિડિયો :- CLICK HERE

27/01/2022 અંક શ્રેણી 1 વિડિયો :- CLICK HERE

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Live classes can be shown through TV programs. School exercises might be illustrated. Schooling related projects are introduced. Training can be bestowed through TV projects of explicit units keeping in view the school educational program of instruction. The program is accounted for ahead of time. TV programs expand financial matters schooling. Understudies get moment fresh insight about the nation and the world. At the same time give normal encounters in the gathering.

The showing work becomes intriguing and compelling. TV programs are ready by master specialists, so the understudies get the advantage of that information. Data can be acquired sitting at home. Television in all country – sound hardware. Unmistakable and has an extraordinary spot. Television has been instrumental in achieving wonderful as well as progressive changes in the way of life of individuals as a strong mode for spreading thoughts. TV programs broadcast on the accompanying subjects can be valuable in financial matters schooling.
GIET official Youtube channel.

Note: Plz always check and confirm the all above details with the official website and Advertisement/ notification.

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