Pay Your Credit Card Bill With CRED App

Pay Your Credit Card Bill With CRED App

Pay Your Credit Card Bill With CRED App, how to pay credit card biil in cred app. easy to use and mobile friendly app.

CRED is a members only credit card bill payment platform that rewards its members for clearing their credit card bills on time. CRED members get access to exclusive rewards and experiences from premier brands upon clearing their credit card bills on CRED.

a credit card is a cashless payment instrument that helps you to cater to your daily expenses, recurring expenses, and sometimes occasional expenses. it gives the liberty to enjoy interest-free periods of 45 to 50 days. it can be used for offline payments and online payments. a credit card user is supposed to pay the bill after 21 to 25 days from the date of bill generation but the user can also pay it before the due date. to maintain a good credit score, one should avoid paying credit card bills after the due date.

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how to pay credit card bill without missing the due date

there are various online and offline payment options available to make credit card bill payments. refer to below payment options for online credit card bill payment

trouble-free credit card payment online through CRED

when it comes to paying a credit card bill on time, CRED is your ultimate solution. CRED offers an easy and quick payment process to make credit card bill payments. you can make payment using a debit card, net banking, or via UPI.

all you have to do is follow these simple steps-

  1. go to the credit card payment option
  2. select the credit card you want to initiate payment for
  3. enter the bill amount
  4. click on ‘proceed’
  5. choose the payment option i.e., UPI, debit card, or net banking
  6. proceed with the payment

seamless, isn’t it? undoubtedly and to reward you, CRED first-time users get instant ₹200 cash-back on bill payment. so, what are you waiting for? login to CRED and make instant credit card bill payments now

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how does CRED reward their users?

CRED partners with the best premier and luxury brands to bring you an unmatched experience at the end of every credit card bill payment cycle.

Pay Your Creadit Card Bill With CRED App

how to earn rewards on CRED?

members can earn rewards in two different ways. CRED coins & gems.

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CRED Coin Rewards:

– when you pay your credit card bill on CRED, for every rupee cleared on your bill you earn a CRED coin.

– you can then use earned CRED coins to claim exclusive rewards from different brands.

CRED Gem Rewards:

– for every person that you refer to CRED who makes a bill payment, you earn 10 gems.

what do you get as a CRED Member?

as a CRED member, you instantly make your credit card payment experience hassle-free by unlocking several perks only available to CRED members.

– seamless bill payment experience through modes like upi, net banking and debit cards

– timely credit card bill payment reminders

– automate your credit card bill payments

– expose hidden charges on your credit card with cred protect

– get real-time alerts on duplicate transactions on your credit card

– manage multiple credit cards on a single portal

– keep a realtime check on your credit score

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how does one become a member of CRED?

you can apply to be a member by signing up on CRED with your name and valid mobile number(issued within India). CRED is India’s most trustworthy and creditworthy community. This means we are selective about the members we take. For membership an Experian credit score of 750 or above is mandatory.

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how to know your credit score?

upon becoming a member, you can check and refresh your credit score with a single click. CRED then proceeds to acquire your updated credit score through a CIBIL score soft inquiry. on CRED, you can access your credit score data anytime without any extra charges. as a member, this helps you keep regular checks on your credit score and re-evaluate your spending patterns to maintain a healthy credit status.

banks supported on CRED

CRED supports credit card bill payment for American ExpressStandard CharteredCitibankHSBCHDFCICICISBIAXISRBLPNB, and other top Indian banks. We support VISA, MasterCard, American Express & RuPay cards.

calculators:SIP calculatorEMI calculatorPPF calculatorhome loan calculatorcar loan calculatorfixed deposit calculatorrecurring deposit calculatorsimple loan calculatorcompound interest calculatorpay credit card bill:American Express Standard Chartered HSBC HDFC ICICI SBI AXIS RBL PNB YES Bank. Source link.

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