21 March World Forest Day

21 March World Forest Day

Today is ” 21 March World Forest Day” so let us know interesting information about its celebration …
World Forest Day is celebrated on March 21 every year.

21 March World Forest Day

The main purpose of which is to repay the debt by remembering the innumerable benefits, products and benefits received by the forest.

Awareness is spread on this day about how forests should be maintained and how they should be planned and managed without harming them so that the benefits gained so far can be reaped in future also.

The day was decided at the 23rd General Assembly of the “European Confederation of Agriculture” held in 1971. It also received support from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

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According to a list released by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in November 2005, the world’s forests are being destroyed at the rate of 5 hectares, or 5 football fields, every minute.

If forests continue to be destroyed at this rate, perhaps one day the earth will become deforested.

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In the case of India, according to environmentalists, at least 5% of the land should be forested, against which today only 12% of the land is forested.

If we talk about the state of Gujarat, the forest area is 21899.49 sq km out of which 14594.92 sq km is reserved forest area, 2884.11 sq km is protected forest area and 4420.46 sq km area falls in unclassified forest area. Which is 11.17% of the total geographical area of ​​the state

The forest area classification in the state is very uneven. Anand district has the lowest forest area while Kutch district has the highest forest area of ​​5598.83 sq km.

So we need to not only save the forests but also increase the forest area.- Harsh Patel.

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The role and importance of forests

In our country, which is the Minister of Culture, the worship of trees, forests and wildlife has been going on since time immemorial. The preservation of trees, forests and vegetation on which the very existence of all living beings on earth depends is woven into our culture.

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Forests are invaluable to us. In our culture, the whole benevolence of human beings being raised by trees has been comprehensively described in a single sentence. Trees and forests satisfy all the basic human needs. The forest provides many necessities like timber, fuel, fodder, various herbs, fruits, honey, wax, glue, lacquer etc.

The services provided by the forest are also numerous. In addition to providing essential oxygen to living things, it provides many services such as preventing soil erosion, preventing desertification, increasing soil fertility, storing water in the earth’s crust, and reducing pollution. Saints who are a part of our culture are well aware of this importance and this is probably why various scriptures and Vedas have described the importance of trees and forests in one way or another as well as commanding and mentioning their protection.

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Srimad Bhagavatam says that the tree never disappointed any beggar. Blessed is the birth of this tree, the best demon, that no beggar goes away empty-handed, and that is why even the gods worship the trees.

Growing a fruit or flowering tree makes the environment pleasant and fragrant, just as a son makes a family happy.

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The Varaha Purana shows that trees provide fuel, provide shade to migrants, provide shelter, become a bird’s nest and provide fruits, flowers, leaves, bark, roots, juices and herbs. The Atharva Veda says that we surrender to the forest deity trees, plants and herbs, all this will save us from sin. One of the verses of Vikramcharita states that the tree is as benevolent as the gentleman. He himself stays in the heat, gives shade to others, bears fruit.

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