Covid 19 New Veriant XE

Covid 19 New Veriant XE 

The Corona epidemic has been raging for more than two years, but new variants are emerging as well. The WHO has also confirmed the new virus. While the cases of XE and Kappa variants are being seen in Mumbai, there is concern again about the new variant. So find out what are the features of this new variant.

Covid 19 New Veriant XE. The new variant is 10 percent more contagious than the other variants

According to the information received, the mutant variant of the new virus Corona XE is about 10% more contagious than the sub variant BA 2 of Omicron. XE is a recombinant stone of Omicon’s 2 sub linas BA.1, BA.2. Given the current situation, it is difficult to say how dangerous this variant will be. The symptoms of corona are different in each person and it is important to know what these symptoms are in order to avoid the seriousness of the infection. Find out the features of this new variant XE if Corona affects it differently depending on the person.

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Covid 19 New Veriant XE. The NHS has included 9 symptoms. These symptoms are based on the National Health Service. If you notice any of these symptoms, you need to get tested immediately.

Brain Fag
Mental illusion

Speaking while asleep or unconscious
Heart beat increased
Resize or change color on the screen
Vocal card neuropathy

New variant found in Britain A new variant of the Corona has been found in Britain and the XE strain has infected 637 people. The virus is spreading rapidly. For this reason, there is no denying that if caution is not exercised in the future, a new wave of Corona will come again. If we talk about India, at present more than 185 crore people have been vaccinated on the basis of Many states have relaxed the Corona rules but still need to be careful. source sandesh news link given below.

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કોરોના XE ના લક્ષણો ગુજરાતીમાં અહિથી વાંચો.

કોરોના XE નો પ્રથમ કેસ ગુજરાતમાં જુઓ અહિ થી અને જાણો નવો વેરીયંટ

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