Dainik Masvar Varshik Ayojan Download

Dainik Masvar Varshik Ayojan Download

Dainik Masvar Varshik Ayojan Download STD 1, 2, STD 3 to 5, STD 6 to 8, STD 9 to 12 All Subject vise Daily, Monthly Planning.

Dainik Masvar Varshik Ayojan Download

School Educational Subject vise Daily monthly Annual Planing which can help teachers in Plan their Lesson. Dainik Masvar Varshik Ayojan Download.

Type Of Planning

Standing Plan : Standing plans represent guide line for decisions in repetitive situation bence standing plan can be used reapetedly . When there is repetition of organisational activities and a standard policy are decided for prompt action , it is known as standing plan . Policies , methods and rules are decided for a long time period in planning process . It helps the subordinates to take prompt decision regarding the related matters . E.g. , Procedure for delivery of goods as per order of customers or if credit policy is decided before hand on permanant basis , it will help the employees to take prompt decisions . No employee will need the permission of superior regarding the same .

Strategic Plan : Business units decide the objectives according to their philosophy . It is to be decided , through which philosophy the business unit will function through out the life . It is known as business objectives . For the accomplishment of objectives , long term and short term strategies are decided . A business unit decides its plan after the consideration of its strength and drawbacks . Foresightedness and experience are essential for these plans . Effects of strategic plans are seen in the long term . Consistent decisions are to be taken for these plans . It means scope of decision is important in this plan .


Tactical Plan : For the accomplishment of business objectives , short term plans are prepared by middle level of management , it is known as Tactical Plan . These are plans which usually span one year or less . These plans clarify short term objectives . Hence business activities remain goal oriented and take place in a systematic manner . It is concerned with what the departmental heads and employees must do . Specialised knowledge and skill are necessary for the formulation of these plans.

Operational Plan : Operational plans are the specific result expected plans from the departments , work groups and individuals . Generally , these plans are for short duration as for one year . E.g. , Monthly or quarterly production plans are made for achievement of objectives of annual production . These plans are made by departmental heads for the implementation of strategic plan . Implementation of this plan becomes easy , if it is made after the necessary discussion with concerned employe as these plans are related with routine work . Operational plan is almost similar to tactical plan .

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Single Use Plan : A useful plan is prepared for achievement of special objectives . This plan is made for special activities . One time plan is applied to those activities which do not reccur . For example , for the activities like ship making , construction of house , packaging , printing , etc. this plan is important .



Primary School Model Time Table STD 3 to 5 & STD 6 to 8

Contingency Plan : Business unit has to co – ordinate with changing situations . Business environment is also keep on changing due to political , economical , social or natural factors . Due to these reasons , if changes are to be made in original plan or a new plan is made , it is known as contingency plan . Source NCERT GSEB STD 12 B.A.

Dainik Masvar Varshik Ayojan Download

STD 1, 2

STD 1, 2, Masvar ayojan pdf


ધોરણ 1 થી 2  પ્રથમ સત્ર તારીખ , એકમ અને મુદ્દા મુજબ આયોજન, TLM 2022-23 :- અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

STD 3, 4, 5

STD 3, 4, 5 Ayojan 2022-23 SEM 1, 2 pdf

STD 3,4, 5 Ayojan 2022-23 SEM 2 pdf

STD 3 to 5 Masvar Ayojan By GCERT ગુજરાતી માધ્યમ pdf

STD 3 to 5 Masvar Ayojan By GCERT English Medium pdf

ધોરણ 3 થી 5  પ્રથમ સત્ર તારીખ , એકમ અને મુદ્દા મુજબ આયોજન 2022-23 :- અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

STD 6, 7, 8

STD 6 to 8 Masvar Ayojan By GCERT ગુજરાતી માધ્યમ pdf

STD 6 to 8 Masvar Ayojan By GCERT English Medium pdf

SS Ayojan STD 6 // STD 7 // STD 8

ધોરણ 3 થી 8  પ્રથમ સત્ર તારીખ , એકમ અને મુદ્દા મુજબ આયોજન,  :- અહીં ક્લિક કરો

STD 6 પ્રયોગ યાદી :- CLICK HERE

STD 7 પ્રયોગ યાદી :- CLICK HERE

STD 8 પ્રયોગ યાદી :- CLICK HERE

STD 6  પ્રવૃત્તિ રજીસ્ટર:- CLICK HERE

STD 7  પ્રવૃત્તિ રજીસ્ટર:- CLICK HERE

STD 8  પ્રવૃત્તિ રજીસ્ટર:- CLICK HERE 


STD 9 to 12


STD 10

STD 11

STD 12

Other Useful

દૈનિક નોંધપોથી pdf:- અહીં ક્લિક કરો

સહાભ્યાસિક પ્રવૃત્તિ આયોજન pdf

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