Shala Praveshotsav 2022 Ayojan File

Shala Praveshotsav 2022 Ayojan File, preparation files

Shala Praveshotsav 2022 Ayojan File, preparation files

Shala Praveshotsav 2022 Ayojan File

Recently, the Gujarat State Federation of School Management had written to the education minister to extend the date of this year’s ‘Shala Praveshotsav’ owing to heat wave in the state

The annual drive to promote enrolment in schools ‘Shala Praveshotsav’ to begin from June 13. Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Tuesday held a meeting with education officials of the state in presence of state education minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama and briefed the officials regarding states seriousness towards the drive.

While at the meeting, primary education principal secretary Vinod Rao through a presentation shared various initiatives taken by the education department in the past one year.

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The Praveshotsav, which was launched by the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi in 2003, will be held in rural areas on June 13-14 and will be held in city on June 15. Addressing officials, Rupani said, “Our priority is education which is why we have allocated 25,000 crores in the budget, By 2022, all classrooms will be virtual classrooms. We should ensure 0 % drop-out rate and 100% enrolment rate.”

Shala Praveshotsav 2022 Ayojan File, preparation files

Shala Praveshotsav Karyasuchi

“Manushya Tu Bada Mahan Hai” Gaurav Gaanathi program started (with acting)
Admission of children eligible for flower-rose petals, sandalwood tilak
Introduction to Yoga – Demonstration
Donation of toys received by donors in Anganwadi

Distribution of checks, scholarships, uniform assistance and text books etc.
Honoring the best students in Std. 6th to 8th through the book
Respect to the students who have achieved special achievement in the NMMS /NTSE examination conducted by the State Examination Board.

-Welcome the children with the vehicle provided by the transport system.
If a new Pragya class has been found in the school then its launch
Amrut Vachan (Save Girl Child, Save Water and Tree Planting) Speech of three to four students on this topic
Receiving donations and public contributions by contacting donors, sanitary organizations – honoring donors
Respect for the elderly living in the school educated village
Honoring individuals who have made special contributions to their field of work at school

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Address by Chief Guest
Anthem of the national anthem.
To inaugurate the school building or new classroom constructed by Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and to conclude the work of new start.
Tree Planting (Sargava / Fruit Tree) – (By Student / Guardian)

Shala Praveshotsav 2022 Ayojan File, preparation files

Recently, the Gujarat State Federation of School Management had written to the education minister to extend the date of this year’s ‘Shala Praveshotsav’ owing to heat wave in the state. The Federation represents nearly 3,290 schools in the state.

However, this year, the official six-day exercise of Shala Praveshotsav will be restricted to three days as the rural and urban drives will be conducted together. Until now, there used to be a weeks gap between rural and urban. Sources said that this year, the Praveshotsav focus on attendance too.

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Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani called upon the teachers to overcome the challenges of the world, to prepare the future makers of building a strong India, to create an atmosphere of intimacy with the children in the Vidyamandir.

At Valsad Abrama Primary School, Abrama, Navinnagari and Public Vidyamandir Gokuldham’s Std. On this occasion District Panchayat President Shri Manilal Patel, Valsad MLA Shri Bharatbhai Patel, Pardi MLA Shri Kanubhai Desai, Dharampur MLA Shri Arvindbhai Patel also joined him.

Shala Praveshotsav 2022 Ayojan File, preparation files

Referring to the new announcement of the state government soon to enhance the quality of education, the Chief Minister said that the state government would launch a campaign for the poor students to get the highest place in education. As the gap between private and government schools widens, the state government is committed to alleviating the plight of poor students. It is the responsibility of the government and society to involve such children in the development of the nation. The state government will take up the matter soon, the Chief Minister said.

Education is the foundation of the development of the nation, if the state is educated then the future generation will become educated and become partners in the development of the nation. If teachers and parents contribute to the development of the child, then we have to worry about the development of a good citizen, said the Chief Minister emphatically.

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The state government has taken a number of necessary steps for education. Rs 35,000 crore has been allocated. Last year, under the Gyankunj scheme, four thousand virtual classrooms have been constructed for the children to get education through skin boards instead of blackboards. Eight thousand new virtual classrooms will be created this year. The Chief Minister said that the state government was committed to strengthen the foundation of children’s education.

Shala Praveshotsav 2022 Ayojan File, preparation files

Expressing his determination to increase the coverage of education of the state government, the Chief Minister said that the state government has decided that 100 per cent enrollment should be done. The dropout rate is zero. The whole village celebrates with joy. The government is moving ahead to build the school in an environment where children are happy and do not feel like leaving school. In which the contribution of teachers will be of special importance.

Bicycles were also given to the students under Saraswati Sadhana Yojana by the Chief Minister on the occasion of Urban Extension School Admission Ceremony-Kanya Education Program. Pardi MLA Dr. Kanubhai Desai handed over a check of Rs.

Valsad Collector Shri CR Kharsan, District Development Officer DP Desai, Nagarpalika President Pankaj Ahir, school principals, school family, parents, children and other dignitaries of Nagaraj joined the Kanya Kelavani Mahotsav.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani today claimed that when Gujarat has attained a stage, competence and capacity to compete with the world, thus it is essential to focus on ‘Shala Praveshotsav’ for preparing the future generations for the qualitative educations.

this context, Rupani further clearly stated that the Shala Praveshotsav is consistently going on since 2003 when the present Prime Minister Narendrabhai Modi, when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, had undertaken this initiative knowing its importance for the massive growth of development of the state.

In a meeting held in Gandhinagar, the Chief Minister had given necessary guidance and instructions to the senior officials, secretaries, and education karma yogis for the Shala Praveshotsav programmes to be held on June 13 and 14 in rural areas and on June 15 in urban areas.

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In the meeting, Rupani had called on the officials to ensure that the programmes don’t merely become a government initiative for children’s admission into the schools, but, they become “Educational Seva Yagna” to prove government schools as the best in coming days.

He further added that the state government is marching ahead in the direction to ensure that all the school classes become virtual classes in Gujarat by 2022. For the infrastructural growth a fund of Rs. 25,000-crore has been allocated for education in the budget.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama stated that ‘Mission Vidhya’ and Standard-2 testing have given very good results. The attempts are on to improve these results further.

Others who spoke on the occasion included Education Secretary Vinod Rao. The meeting was also attended by Education Minister of State Vibhawariben Dave, ministers, chairman of various boards and nigams, officials and others.

Shala Praveshotsav 2022 Ayojan File, preparation files

Pravehsotsav Paripatra 13/06/2022

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