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1 Rangoli Design for Diwali 2019 Best Free App

Get this Diwali design free download through this app.

This application latest collection of easy image.

border designs, new idea, for diwali, flowers 2019 and many more.

People decorate there home with ganpati designs and peacock rangoli design on the festival.

New year wallpaper & design with dots also available in this app.

This design book is one best design collection of app offline.

is the best way to decorate your home.

It’s look so nice and traditional and create great impression on guest as it use for welcome design as well.

Designs For Diwali 2019*

In our latest collection 2019, you will got diwali design, happy diwali rangoli, best design for Diwali, simple design for Diwali.



So download now it and never say how to make on Diwali?
Free hand design are very normal on Hindu festival. Get all very easy pictures & photo all within single offline app.

Generally consisting of bright colors, it is a decorative design made in floors, living courtyard during Hindu festival like Dot , Diwali , Lakshmi Pada .

Ganesha , Bengali , Sankranti , Hridaya Kamalam , Ratham , Nag Panchami .

Lord Shiva design, Navagraha , Gudi Padwa & Saraswati design.

2 App For Lattest Rangoli Design Videos

App For Lattest Design Videos

designs videos features:

The two aims of drawing :

Video showing varieties of design in different colour are used to create beautiful design All the Design Videos are unique and beautiful

Design Videos indeed very difficult to create but the ideas in these videos will make sure that your creation are highly respectable as well as beautiful


The best idea to decorate your home in a splendid way during festival season and even for any ritual, celebration are made on special occasion like Diwali.

you will need to have lots of design and also practice to draw designs well.

In Designs Videos, we have add lots of videos which work as a tutorial for beginner as well as professional.


Our app comes with 1000+ videos which is completely free. Some special pattern for Diwali like the Diya also call Deep, Ganesha, Lakshmi, flowers or bird of India are explain with the help of video.

The material that we use in the Design Video are easily found everywhere.

Therefore, this art can be done in all homes, rich or poor. Normally the major ingredient that we use to make are – Pise rice solution.

dried powder made from the leaves color, charcoal, burn soil was, wood sawdust, etc…

3 How To Make Rangoli Design App Step By Step Videos

How To Make Design App Step By Step Videos

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Muggulu, Design With Colours.

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4 Teluginti Muggulu (Latest Rangoli Designs App)

Teluginti Muggulu (Latest Designs App):

These adorable muggulu Design) have become a part of our culture.

Every wife wake up early in the morning clean her courtyard and decorates them with beautiful muggulu. The yard i

5 Simple Rangoli Designs Offline App 2019

Simple Rangoli Designs Offline App 2019
150 Awesome and Best Design to decorate your home for festival like Diwali, Sankranthi
is an art form native to Nepal, India and Bangladesh.

We know that design have been start many centuries ago. Some reference of design are also available in our ancient scripture.

The art of making has been Chang and re Chang over many centuries.

goes by various names in many parts of India like , Kolam, muggulu, muggitu, mandana and many more.

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