10 Reasons for Phone Hanging Tips to Avoid It

10 Reasons for Phone Hanging Tips to Avoid It. In India, there are lots of smartphones available that don’t slow down or freeze like older phones do. This happens when older phones become slow to respond, and you have to restart them often. But it’s not because the phone is old; it’s often because of mistakes users make with the phone’s hardware and software. Let’s look at these mistakes and how to avoid them: 10 Reasons for Phone Hanging Tips to Avoid It.

10 Reasons for Phone Hanging Tips to Avoid It

10 Reasons for Phone Hanging Tips to Avoid It


Newer phones come with up to 12GB of RAM, which prevents them from slowing down during multitasking. But older phones, which are 3 to 4 years old, might have only 1GB or 2GB of RAM. This can lead to storage filling up or multitasking becoming slow.

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What to do

If your phone has less RAM, try to keep fewer apps and only essential work apps. Avoid installing apps that take up a lot of space.

Keeping Apps Open

Leaving apps running in the background can also slow down your phone. Even if you think you’ve closed an app, it might still be running in the background, using up RAM and battery.

What to do:

Make sure to properly close apps when you’re done with them. Use the “END KEY” or app switcher to close them.

Frequent App Updates

If your phone has limited RAM and storage, updating apps too often can be a problem. These updates take up more space, making your phone slower.

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What to do:

Only update apps you use regularly, and turn off auto-updates in the Play Store.

Not Clearing Cache

Cache is temporary data stored by apps, and it can slow down your phone over time.

What to do:

Go to your phone’s settings, find the app, and clear its cache and data.

Installing APK Files

Avoid installing apps from third-party sources or APK files, as they can be risky and may lead to data leaks.

What to do:

Stick to downloading apps only from trusted sources like the Google Play Store.

Using Antivirus or Cleaner Apps

Installing antivirus or cleaner apps doesn’t necessarily speed up your phone and can actually slow it down by consuming RAM.

What to do:

Uninstall these apps if you have them.

Moving Apps to Memory Card

Transferring apps to a memory card can save internal storage but might make your phone slower because it takes longer to access apps from the memory card.


What to do:

Avoid moving apps to the memory card. Use it for videos, audios, and other files instead.

Never Turning Off the Phone

Leaving your phone on all the time can lead to it becoming slow due to cache and temporary files accumulating.

What to do:

Turn off your phone for about 15 minutes once a week, and if possible, remove the battery and memory card. This helps clear temporary files.

Video and Audio Files

Large video files can take up a lot of space. Delete them after watching. WhatsApp files, like GIFs and videos, can also use up space if not managed.

What to do:

Keep important audio and video files but delete unnecessary ones. Regularly clean up WhatsApp media.

WhatsApp Files

WhatsApp accumulates a lot of files over time, especially if you’re in active group chats.

What to do:

Go to the WhatsApp media folder and delete unused files. Remove unnecessary messages from groups.

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10 Reasons for Phone Hanging Tips to Avoid It. By following these tips, you can help keep your smartphone running smoothly.

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