Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Press note

Shikshak Sajjata Sarvekshan Official Press note

 This survey is not mandatory as there is no test in the form of examination – its note will not be taken in the service book or career of the teacher – the survey will remain the same. Gujarat has taken successful initiatives like School Entrance Ceremony – Merit Festival – Command and Control Center with the active participation and contribution of the teacher community. 

Now Gujarat will also take the lead in the Teacher Readiness Survey. 1.18 lakh teachers have welcomed the survey and agreed to join in the interest of improving the quality of education in the state. 

 Education Minister Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama termed the ongoing protest against the Teacher Awareness Survey as futile and said that the Awareness Survey is a must – not a compulsory one, it is not a test or examination only a survey. This survey will not be noted or mentioned in the service book or career of the teacher community. 
The Education Minister said that the state government has planned this in the interest of the future of the children of the state and in the interest of education.  The Education Minister gave the details of the campaign to the media in Gandhinagar. 
He said that the survey was organized by the top officials of the education department of the state government after holding a meeting with the teachers’ unions and getting their consent.  Giving the role of the initiative of this Teacher Readiness Survey in the state, the Education Minister said that the initiative like School Entrance Ceremony, Merit Festival, Command and Control Center and monitoring of school children in Chhewada area has been done in Gujarat only with the active cooperation of teacher community.  
But Gujarat is taking the lead, Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama congratulated 1.18 lakh teachers of the state for welcoming this readiness survey and agreeing to join it.  He also said that such a survey is necessary for the training readiness to adapt to the timely changes in the field of education after a teacher joins the service after obtaining a degree.  

The Education Minister added that the constitution of the Educational Association also mentions that the teachers should be equipped with timely knowledge-education process.  The state government has started the campaign only with the consent of the educational union.  So the announcement of his boycott is not reasonable.  
He has appealed to more than 1.80 lakh teachers across the state that the campaign is aimed at realizing the Foundation Education’s goal of strengthening the foundation for teachers, for the next generation of existing children and for the new education policy.  The Education Minister also added that due to the no-detection policy introduced by the UPA government in the year 2009, the foundation of primary education has remained raw and this government is trying to make up for the loss.  
Shri Bhupendrasinhji has appealed to the State Teachers Union and Educational Union Bay that it is the responsibility of the government, society and the teaching community to ensure that the child of the state gets quality education and moves forward as a future citizen.  The Education Minister has requested the state’s teacher community to join the Teacher Readiness Survey to fulfill this social responsibility.
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