Aditya-L1 Solar mission ISRO

Aditya-L1 Solar mission ISRO Aditya-L1 Solar mission ISRO About Aditya-L1 Solar mission ISRO. Aditya L1 shall be the first space based Indian mission to study the Sun. The spacecraft shall be placed in a halo orbit around the Lagrange point 1 (L1) of the Sun-Earth system, which is about 1.5 million km from the Earth. …

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Mission Chandrayaan 3

Mission Chandrayaan 3. Chandrayaan-3, India’s third lunar exploration mission is ready to take off in fourth operational mission (M4) of LVM3 launcher. ISRO is crossing new frontiers by demonstrating soft landing on lunar surface by its lunar module and demonstrate roving on the lunar terrain. It is expected to be supportive to ISRO’s future interplanetary …

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Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT

Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT: Your Ultimate Conversational Companion! Hey there, tech enthusiasts and curious minds! Are you ready to embark on a mind-blowing journey through the realm of artificial intelligence and natural language processing? Say hello to ChatGPT, your ultimate conversational companion and the latest breakthrough in AI technology! Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT. …

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