Top Hindi Newspapers in India

Newspapers are an essential item for everyone to gain knowledge about various topics like current happenings, politics, world affairs, sports, business, economy, and whatnot. Since its beginning newspapers have been a huge part of the routine of people’s life and it continues to be even after so many other mediums have arrived. India has more … Read more

Live news channel

Live news channel Live news channel. All news channel live in Gujarati and keep update about current affairs and news channels are keep updating us and we know about the world. Importance of news paper and channels Introduction: Man is a social animal. It is an important part of society. It has no existence apart … Read more


BUDGET FY 2022-23 DETAIL Budget FY 2022-23 | Latest News & Updates on Indian Budget | 2022 Budget Detail | Tax slab News ગુજરાત બજેટ 2022-22 કનુભાઇ દેસાઇ બજેટ  pdf 1 // pdf 2 Our sensitive government has carried out successful planned operations from the earliest stages of the Koro epidemic to the stage of … Read more

COVID -19 new Guideline

COVID -19 new Guideline  The World Health Organization has launched a new app providing information on Covid-19, here you will find a lot of information with accurate statistics. The WHO also launched the app in April, but it was later removed.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched an app for the Covid-19 guideline and … Read more


SHIKSHAK SAJJATA NEWS REPORT All of this is discussed in another chapter of the book. Virtual Classroom A virtual classroom is a system based on information technology that connects a group of students geographically in the same place or in different places with a teacher and pedagogy. M-Learning: M-learning means mobile learning. This is a … Read more


TAUKTAE VAVAZODU IN GUJARAT LIVE NEWS JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP TAUKTAE VAVAZODU IN GUJARAT LIVE NEWS adapt utilizing just its own assets  Weakness to fiascos is a status coming about because of human activity or from an inalienable circumstance like neediness. It portrays how much a general public is compromised by the effect of characteristic … Read more


SBI CORONA RAKSHAK POLICY Corona Rakshak Policy,SBI LifeInsurance Company Ltd. Provides for a lump-sum benefit payout, equal to 100% of Sum insured, on hospitalization for a minimum continuous period of  72 hours, on positive diagnosis of COVID. This is a one time Benefit applicable for the entire term of the policy. This product is also … Read more


COVID-19 LOCKDOWN JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP ગુજરાતીમાં અહિથી વાંચો. School leaving certificate aapva babat agatyni suchanao ane dhyanma rakhvani babato To be given within 7 (seven) days of receipt of application. (Provision of penalty in primary school If the first irregularity is Rs. 10,000 / – and every other irregularity is Rs. 5,000 / – … Read more