Navi shixan niti GUJARATI

NAVI SHIXAN NITI 2020 IN GUJARATI NAVI SHIXAN NITI 2020 IN GUJARATI.   A.  Early Childhood Education: This policy emphasizes the importance of the early years of childhood and aims to provide quality primary care and education to all children aged 6-7 years by 205 through drastic investments and new initiatives.   B.  Basic Literacy … Read more

Covid saravar lenar ne on duty ganava babat & SCHOOL TIMING MORNING IN COVID

Covid-19 mahamarima koi karmachari sankramit thay to temane saravar ke corentine samay ma on duty ganavano samany vahivati vibhag no patr 18/04/2020                 In addition, in this regard, the letter No. 17.04.2020 of the General Administration Department No. Perch-106060 – 501-6 (copy is included) states that the infection in the areas where … Read more


ONDUTY DEATH SAHAY PARIPATRA Chalu nokri darmiyan avasan pamanar varg 3 ane varg 4 naa karmchariona aashrit kutumbne uchchak sahay melavava mateni arajini samay maryada lambava babat                  One year from the date of death of barley, employee in case of death of class-3 and class-3 employees who died in the line … Read more


HOME LEARNING EQUIPMENT ENTRY    SSA PORTAL PAR KAI RITE KARAVI  JUO VIDEO FOR DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO:- CLICK HERE         In order to prevent the current Corona epidemic from affecting the education of children, various media outlets have started broadcasting Tara Rickshaw programs under “Ham Learning” for all students of Std. 9th to 12th.  … Read more