Prarthana Karykram Useful pdf File Download

Prarthana Karykram Useful pdf File Download. પ્રાર્થના ભજન ધૂન pdf

Prayer is the food of the soul.

Just as the food of the body is food, so the food of the mind and intellect is good thoughts. Similarly, the food of our soul is prayer. The soul is pure sattva. Just as the body is weakened by not eating food, the sattvic thoughts are covered by the lack of prayer, similarly the sattvic thoughts are weakened and the hold on the sattvic thoughts is loosened in life. So a person is likely to go to the wrong path in life. He gets lost in life. To do any work well, there is a need for good thoughts or sattvik attitude in the mind. Prayer is necessary to maintain the sattvikness of one’s mind.

Prarthana Karykram Useful pdf File Download


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Prayer creates closeness (attachment) with God. Prayer is one thing in which a person comes in direct contact with God. Praying is not to do favors to God but to favor oneself. Prayer is our need, not God’s.

Prarthana Karykram Useful pdf File Download

While sitting in prayer, the mind does not concentrate or becomes mechanical.
For that, one should sit quietly for a minute before prayer and prepare the mind for the role to sit in for prayer.

In prayer, the mind should be focused on God, not having random thoughts.
While reciting Sanskrit hymns in prayer, attention should be focused on the gist of those hymns. One by one words should come out clearly. Concentrating the mind on the gist of each line in the prayer will give the mind the means to concentrate. So that prayer becomes meaningful. Prayer has to do with our heart and not with our tongue.

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PRAYER IS AN APPOINTMENT WITH GOD. In it, the whole world should be forgotten. This appointment is not with any common man, it is an appointment with Almighty God, the creator of creation. It should not be brought to mind. Even if the mind turns to the other side, it should be turned to prayer again. The mind should be concerned only in prayer.

Sitting on prayer seat increases concentration of mind. The mind is quickly engrossed in prayer. Asana balances the temperature by becoming a medium between the temperature of the ground and the body.