The 15 best call-tracking software solutions

Call-tracking software can help salespeople not only keep track of leads, but also improve relationships with both current and prospective customers. Since this type of software gives you background information about callers, like where they heard about your company, you’re more likely to start off a sales pitch on the right foot. Call-tracking software can … Read more

Best self-driven car rental apps

Gone are the days when we use to get a self-driven car facility in one or two cities within India. Finding conformity that delivers anticipated. standardized and affordable services is no longer an issue. Proves to be the best options for all your road trips, these are the best rental services that is admired by … Read more

Piles Home Remedy and Treatment

Piles or hemorrhoids is a painful gastrointestinal condition in which the veins around the anus are inflamed and swollen. Because of the location of the problem, most people are awkward and reluctant to talk about. Unfortunately, ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away and it can become increasingly painful, with symptoms that include intense … Read more

Generic medicines vs Brand name medicines

Generic medicines vs Brand name medicines. Generic name of drugs, Brand name of drugs, Chemical name of drugs, Trivial name of the drugs, Generic medicine, Brand name medicine these terms are often confusing. All of these terms are drug product-related but they are not similar. Difference between Drug and Medicine. However, this article will elucidate: … Read more

How to Apply for PAN Card Online

PAN Card stands for Permanent Account Number and is a unique identification number issued by the Income Tax department of India to identify every taxpayer in the country. This article will guide you on how to apply for a PAN card online through NSDL/UTIITSL as well as offline. Applying for a PAN card has become … Read more