Natural remedies for toothache

Natural remedies for toothache. Know Your Teeth.

Each tooth has two main parts. The top part of the tooth that you can see and the root that is covered under your gums. The root portion of the tooth is 2/3 of the total length of the tooth. An adult has a total of 32 permanent teeth including wisdom teeth. Each tooth is made up of four different tissues.Enamel, which is a strong white coating. This coating protects the teeth against wear and tear caused by chewing.

Dentin, which supports the enamel on top of the tooth. It is yellowish in structure like bone and softer than enamel. It contains sensory fibers. Which indicates the problem inside the tooth.

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The pulp is the central part of the tooth. It is soft tissue. It contains blood and lymph vessels and sensory fibers. The pulp receives nutrition from the tooth and carries messages to the brain.

Cementum that covers most of the root of the tooth and helps to attach the tooth to the jaw bone. A cushiony layer between the cementum and the jaw bone called the periodontal ligament helps to connect the two.

Natural remedies for toothache

Many of us have experienced a sudden toothache at times. Hence it is very important to know natural and safe ways to reduce it. There are many natural Ayurvedic pain relievers like rye, black pepper or garlic that can be used effectively for toothache relief. The following tips will give you information on how and what to do for natural toothache treatment.

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Clove oil is considered as the most effective remedy for toothache. Mix crushed black pepper in clove oil and apply on the affected area.

Mustard oil is another option to relieve toothache. Mustard oil should be mixed with pinch of salt and rubbed on the painful part of the gums.

Toothache can also be reduced by using lemon juice.

Applying freshly cut onion slices on sore gums or teeth also relieves the pain. You can make homemade mouthwash for toothache using local herbs like Zergul, Heerabol etc. Apart from this, other medicinal herbs include basil, forest basil and hing.

Applying dry ice cubes to the outside of the mouth can also soothe toothache.

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If you are suffering from a sudden toothache then you should completely avoid extremely cold, extremely hot and swallowed food as they cause further damage to the infected tooth.

Food and drink should be taken care of and mostly vegetables, fruits and grains should be used in food. Use of junk food should be avoided.

Natural remedies for toothache

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Ayurvedic Remedies to Prevent Tooth ache

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Natural remedies for toothache

Note: This post is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. If you’re experiencing problems, it is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional.