Neem in the month of Chaitra

Neem in the month of Chaitra. Chaitra month means the second half of the spring season. Flowing streams, groves, forests look beautiful in spring. It is as if a new bud is bursting out on the auditory system, which has become deafened by the noise of the TV channels of Bhatbhat, with the sounds heard from the Amrakkuns.

When nature has finished painting on the canvas of this creation, all the greenery that has grown will be shed on the last tree…that tree will be the one woven with the deep culture of India – neem.

Known to Western scholars as the Margosa tree, the neem is widespread in India and Brahmadesh, the two main regions of the tropics. India alone is estimated to have two to two and a half million neem trees.

From ancient sages to tribals living in the hinterlands, neem has been frequently used for health. From the grandmother of a doctor wearing a suit and boots to a village elder or a sage, the virtues of neem have been drunk and drunk. Its value is understood when a jeweler sees it.

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Neem in the month of Chaitra

In the month of Chaitra, this neem bears lotus leaves and white flowers. Many people crush this leaf and flower and drink it with some salt.

It relieves the pain of Dhamiya, shingles with itching of the skin, eczema etc.

Acidity sufferers do not know that the neem growing in your or your neighbor’s yard is an anti-acidity remedy after swallowing antacid drops. Also, for those who are not interested in food, the mixture of neem leaves and salt is very useful. Neem is not naturally aphrodisiac but is an excellent aphrodisiac.

Patients with indigestion and acidity must drink neem manjar and koomla pan sherbet in Chaitramahita. Arishta is also a Sanskrit equivalent of Neem which has miraculous results in skin ailments. Arishta means a neem which never causes inauspiciousness or harm.


Neem in the month of Chaitra

Neem in the month of Chaitra

લીમડાનાં કૂણાં પાનનો રસ પીવાનું ભૂલતા નહીં વાંચો ગુજરાતીમાં

A dental tonic

Neem contains a substance called nimbdin. Which has been proven as antiseptic, anti-fungal. It is also useful as an anti-inflammatory.

Those who have problems with teeth and gums should mix camphor and sindhaloon in lemon oil and make a paste and massage with fingers on the teeth and gums in the morning and at night while sleeping. It also reduces swelling and relieves pain. There is no need to remove molars or teeth.

If you want to keep your teeth healthy, keep your gums strong and avoid any dental problems, start chewing neem daily. Those who have frequent throat infections. If they are suffering from cold-cough viral problems, they should use neem extract because neem has antiviral properties.

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Apply lemon oil on old warts that have not healed over the years. With patient treatment, boils heal.

Put neem leaves, basil leaves in hot water and add 1-2 spoons of glycerin. Soaking the psoriatic part of the hands, feet and soles in this water for 10-15 minutes will normalize the skin quickly.

Skin patients should bathe after boiling neem leaves or its powder in water. It cures skin ailments quickly

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